We value our partnership with you and the time and effort it takes you to build and maintain your wealth.  As your investment advisor, we offer:

  • Outstanding customer service and responsiveness.  We coordinate with your tax, accounting and estate experts to create an individualized plan and answer your questions.
  • Superior communication, transparency and simplicity.  We designed our investment offerings for simplicity, transparency and results.  We meet with you quarterly in order to update you on your investment results and understand your evolving needs.  We provide regular communications explaining changes in your portfolio.
  • Intense focus on lower volatility and outperformance in down markets.  We do our own research and choose our own investments.


We work together with you to determine your risk profile based on your age, assets, financial needs and risk tolerance.  We have designed five equity/fixed income blends to match your risk profile.  In general, we look to our equity positions to provide capital appreciation while we select fixed income investments to preserve capital and generate portfolio income.  We invest in investment grade corporate bonds and U.S. Treasury securities.

The equity portion of each model is invested in the Alpha Omega All-Cap Dividend Value portfolio.  Craig and Art developed our dividend value approach over 15 years of investing together at various firms.  Our in-house research team selects stocks using a fundamental, bottom-up approach.  Our goal is to outperform our benchmark (Russell 3000 Value Index) over a full market cycle through solid performance in advancing markets and mitigating downside in declining markets.

We invest in stocks that we believe offer upside potential with below-market risk.  Characteristics include:

  • Low valuation.
  • Current dividend and management commitment to future dividends.
  • Balance sheet strength.
  • Improving cash flow and earnings outlook.
  • Excellent corporate management and strong and diverse Board of Directors.
  • Industry-leading position and defensible market share.