Independence Day 2018

Life in the U.S. has certainly changed over the last 242 years.  It’s hard, if not impossible, to imagine how different our lives would be if we were living a few centuries ago rather than in 2018.  Sometimes, I wish I could go back in time as an unnoticeable observer to view daily life then Read More »

Purposeful Legacies

Many folks have worked hard and saved diligently over the years so that they can enjoy the fruits of their labor and live life to the fullest….but then what?  Who will benefit from those fruits after they are gone?  Most of us want to be sure that our fruits will stay fresh and not spoil Read More »

The Long View

The expression, “it’s different this time,” has crept its way back into the public dialogue over the last couple years.  It’s hard to argue with the sentiment.  Today, things are different.  Interest rates are steadily rising off historical lows, the yield curve has been flattening and threatening inversion, tensions with North Korea are high, the Read More »

Spring Changes at Alpha Omega

With the first quarter of 2018 and the 2017 tax season in our rear-view mirrors, Alpha Omega continues to look forward to some exciting changes.  With the change of quarters come some changes to our Richmond office, both to our team and to our office!  At the end of March we said good-bye to Mary Read More »