Chris Milligan Named Co-Chair of UnBoundRVA Emerging Leaders Board

UnBoundRVA recently named Chris the Co-Chair of its Emerging Leaders Board. Chris earned this leadership position by spending the last several years supporting and shaping the administration and vision of UnBoundRVA organization as well as directly mentoring several entrepreneurs. Well done, Chris! Read the press release here.

UnBoundRVA, a non-profit organization, aims to impact all of Richmond by empowering talented individuals from low-income backgrounds with a path to entrepreneurship. Talented, hard-working adults living in low-income communities often face obstacles that prevent them from securing meaningful, stable employment opportunities. This continues the cycle of generational poverty, further marginalizing families and communities. Over the past four years, UnBoundRVA has proved that low-income entrepreneurship is a viable option. UnBoundRVA perfected a scalable eighteen-month model that has proven that financial stability and independence can be achieved on a consistent basis through supportive community partners, volunteers, and staff. Opportunity lives in Richmond!